What they are saying about Rocket!

"Fantastic site that "maintains the page". Features satires of local and international issues with a brilliant poster parody page."

March 2002
Australian Net Guide
"... The site is filled with some great material --- so good it nearly convinced me to run for PM! ..."

January 2001
Australia's Internet Guide
"A very good satirical ezine which manages to make its point without going over the top. I love it's Hanson's Folly..."

November 2000
Radio National Arts Today
"... Aussie political satire mag which claims to boldly go where no one has bothered to go before. When you get there make sure you check out the twisted movie posters..."

November 2000
Writers Review Reviews
"... ROCKET, one of the web's funniest and most original parody sites. This Australian site has an international flavor, presenting inspired biographies for both well known and notorious figures."

February 2000
Netweek Editors Pick
"... Rocket boasts that it is boldly going where no one has bothered to go before, and the list of unofficial web sites of famous Australians and world leaders proves this ..."

November 1999
LookSmart Editors Pick

November 1999
Australian Personal Computer Web File gave Rocket a 4 Star Rating
"Whoever produces Rocket sure knows how to have fun with photoshop ... the site excels with the Rocket Poster Gallery."

Australian Net Directory (issue 9) gave Rocket a 4 star rating
"... a welcome antidote to politicians and others who take themselves too seriously."

June 1998
The Los Angelese Times
Yes, Rocket was mentioned and linked to by the Los Angeles Times

December 1997
Australian Net Guide gave Rocket a rating of 4
"It's a funny, but startlingly accurate parody of Australian current affairs magazines, unmercifully taking the mickey out of everyone and everything."

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5 February 1998

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