What is the south node in astrology? Astrologers say it holds the key to past lives (2024)

Astrologers believe natal charts are a key to unlocking a person's personality. They can indicate where a person could go — and where they came from.

For those who believe in reincarnation, the idea that a soul travels through multiple lifetimes, astrology can be a useful, too. The south node of destiny is thought to indicate where a person once was, and how it shaped this lifetime.

What is the south node?

This placement in astrology represents our past and the comforts we are used to from our previous life.

It symbolizes a place we are leaving behind as we move towards spiritual growth and activation. Therefore, we look to it to understand and determine our past life and karma we are working with in this lifetime. It’s descriptive and interpretive, which is why there are several steps needed to denote our past lives. So, there are several pieces of the puzzle that are listed below to help us put it together.

How can you find the south node in your birth chart?

It’s the opposite sign and the same degree as the north or true node. You can find it here using an online calculator.

What does the south node in each zodiac sign mean?

The south node takes on a different expression depending on what sign it's in.


You were a leader and a go-getter. The list of achievements you attained surpassed your expectations, which is why you probably were someone who made the most of their time at the top of the world. You had it all — riches, abundance, power, money, confidence, and everything at your disposal.


Steer clear of extreme indulgences, since they were something that you were susceptible to in your past life. The talents from your past life will be carried into this one, but you have to refine them greatly and transform your innate artistry in order to be successful in your work.


Once upon a time, you were a very big fish in a small pond. Everyone in your local community depended on you for the recent tea, news, and gossip. You kept their minds open and thinking with tales from your travels to other towns and connected people from other villages.


Not only did you give TLC to those you loved and your family, but you were a caretaker for others as well. People depended on you to nurture and feed them — also, to make them feel better when they were sad and blue. You gave your all to helping people.


In the past, you were a performer of sorts who had the world at their fingertips. Fame, acclaim and adoration were definitive necessities of your career and aspirations — until you realized that there is more to life than having your ego stroked 24/7 by a mob of adoring fans.


Your analytical skills brought rationality to those in need of clarity and understanding through your directness. As someone who has a compassionate, kind and caring nature, you previously found immense pleasure in helping people grow and evolve in ways that they never thought possible by offering empathetic insight and guidance.


You were a relationship-oriented person. Being that you sought peace at all costs, you shied away from confrontation to keep things copacetic with those you care about. Justice is a passion, which is why you tend to get on a soapbox when things aren’t fair or there’s a discrepancy in this lifetime.


As the power behind the scenes, you gave advice to front-facing people. Your input and opinions were regarded as being extremely important, since you knew how to help people with foresight, confidence, awareness, and empathy — attributes that can help build a good society.


You were an explorer and traveler — someone who roamed far and wide and learned about different philosophies. Today, your friends may consider you a bit of a know-it-all.


You were a dedicated and responsible person, known for putting both your family and career at the forefront of your life. Your hardworking personality made you a great force to be reckoned with.


Your rebellious nature and willingness to the rules allowed you to become an innovator, creating things that continue to be used today. Your free spirit prevented anyone from holding you down, and you used your humanitarian beliefs to make positive changes in the world that benefited others.


You used your intuitive and psychic abilities to heal others. Also, your imagination was vast, and it led you to be someone who was able to transcend their creativity into the world and inspire others. Sensitive by nature, your dreams and visions helped you understand yourself on a deep level.

What does the south node in each house mean?

Examining the houses is a crucial step in understanding how your energy was utilized in past lives. For instance, if your south node falls in the Seventh House in the sign of Capricorn, you may be inclined to prioritize relationship-building and constantly strive to improve upon past relationships.

1st House

Relationships were complex to you since you always put people first and focused on them rather than yourself, which is why you may feel that everyone is more important than your needs. However, you began to see that it’s not true.

2nd House

Money came and went in your past life. You may find yourself feeling as though you were someone who had divine riches but didn’t make careful investments and savings plans to keep their wealth intact, or vice versa. So, you experienced both financial extremes in your past life.

3rd House

Your sibling from a past life had a significant impact on your childhood and you shared a deep connection with them. This connection may have played a role in your ability to advance quickly in your desire to see the world and higher education, despite struggling to learn in your youth.

4th House

In a previous life, perhaps you spent more time at home rather than focusing on your career or public persona. This may have made you feel confined or trapped by the expectations of your family, which could be why you have a strong desire for freedom in this lifetime.

5th House

You were a creative person who enjoyed taking risks in your inventive pursuits. You were someone who was willing to endure hardship in order to pursue passions and make the most out of life. You may have pursued a career as an artist, actor, writer or dancer in the past.

6th House

As an essential caregiver, doctor, or nurse, you dedicated your career to taking care of others and ensuring their well-being. You were always on the go, leaving a lasting impression on everyone you met — for the better. You relished your career and people admired your dedication to serving the community.

7th House

Although you yearn to be in relationships, you must learn to let go of those that are no longer working to your benefit with ease. Instead of keeping them going and holding on to something that isn’t working, you can clear the path to pull in people at your level.

8th House

You may have been wealthy in the past, which is why you need to be watchful of money. Be mindful of your spending habits to avoid being overextended. Care should be taken when using credit cards to finance your lifestyle.

9th House

Your past experiences as an explorer or a globetrotter have granted you valuable knowledge that can be used to make changes and understand your current path. If you find yourself drawn to a foreign city, make note of it — you might have been there in another lifetime.

10th House

You ruled your company and were the one in charge at work. As a boss, it was easy to get caught up in work and forget to relax and spend time with family. However, it’s important to remember that a good work-life balance is key to overall happiness and success.

11th House

In the past, you spent time and effort fighting for the rights of others and as a humanitarian. Politics came first, as well as advocating for causes near and dear to your heart. Your generous, compassionate, and kind spirit served as a trailblazer to help those in need.

12th House

In the past, you dedicated a significant amount of your time to spiritual endeavors and towards helping others. Your quiet lifestyle allowed you to connect with a higher purpose and being. A healer by nature, you gave your time and energy towards bringing peace of mind to yourself and others.

What do the planets on the south node mean?

Take a look at your chart and see what planets, if any, are sitting on your south node. These can help understand what role you took on in a past life.

For instance, if you had with Venus in the 7th house on the South Node, in the sign of Capricorn, you may always be striving to improve your relationships and invest a great deal of yourself into them — even though they may not have worked out the way you wanted them to.


Sometimes, it may have felt like you were invisible to the world — overlooked and unappreciated. But it’s essential to remember that those challenging experiences can help you grow and become more self-assured in who you are now. Don’t let insecurities hold you back; instead, let them teach you valuable lessons and inspire you to shine even brighter in this lifetime.


You had a keen intuition and a closeness with your home life and family, particularly your mother. Even though moments may have been difficult with them, they were meaningful, and you spent a lot of energy trying to connect and understand your brood.


You have always been a skilled wordsmith who put thought and care into your communication, whether it was through writing letters, sharing information, or facilitating discussions. You had a knack for being well-informed and bringing people together.


You were a lover, not a fighter, and you cared about a lot of the people in your heart in your life, especially family members and close friends. You were always the shoulder to cry on, someone to offer sound advice. You also may not have had your love reciprocated, which means you are always searching for an ideal partner or someone to love you unconditionally in this lifetime.


Your proactive nature has consistently led you to emerge victorious in competitions, earning you the gold medal. Nonetheless, this does not imply that you did not have to exert yourself to the fullest extent; on the contrary, you frequently regret not taking a moment to slow down and enjoy the simple pleasures in life.


You were someone who had a lot of luck, abundance and prosperity in your former life, and never went without anything that you wanted. The world was your limit, and you relished every moment of life with a positive attitude and desire to learn.


Your strong focus on rules and commitment is indicated by Saturn’s position on the south node. This placement also suggests that a cycle is coming to an end, and you are ready to embrace a new mindset and let go of anything that no longer serves you in this lifetime.


Your forward-thinking nature made you a trailblazer. You fearlessly stood up for your own rights and those of others, always ready to engage in a fierce debate if necessary. Your ultimate goal was to make the world a better place through social progress and you never hesitated to voice your opinions.


With Neptune’s influence on the south node of destiny, you once possessed immense creativity and were brimming with ideas. Your artistic and psychic abilities allow you to create fulfilling and enjoyable experiences for others, as well as yourself.


If Pluto is in conjunction with the South Node, it may suggest that you were a strong and dominant figure in your field, perhaps even someone who held a lot of power behind the scenes. You were known for having a great deal of courage, strength and passion in your life.

Lisa Stardust

Lisa Stardust is a New York City-based astrologer. Stardust is the resident astrologer for Oprah Magazine, Teen Vogue and The Hoodwitch. She has two upcoming books: “Saturn Return Survival Guide: Navigating this cosmic rite of passage” is due out this May from Hardie Grant Books and “The Cosmic Deck” from Chronicle Books is due out in November. Follow Lisa on Instagram for her daily horoscopes @lisastardustastro.

What is the south node in astrology? Astrologers say it holds the key to past lives (2024)


What is the south node in astrology? Astrologers say it holds the key to past lives? ›

The South Node represents habit patterns from childhood or from past lives. These are comfortable patterns, but they often get in the way of you having the kinds of connections you want with other people. These are especially powerful if you have a planet conjunct the South Node in your chart.

What is the South Node in past life? ›

Your South Node is directly opposite to your North Node, and together, they make up your Lunar Nodes. The South Node represents what karmic action you've experienced in past lives and how it will influence your action.

What does the South Node represent in astrology? ›

What is the south node? This placement in astrology represents our past and the comforts we are used to from our previous life. It symbolizes a place we are leaving behind as we move towards spiritual growth and activation.

What is the purpose of South Node in Capricorn life? ›

Ambition: Individuals with the South Node in Capricorn often possess a natural ambition and drive for success. You may have a history of setting high goals and working diligently to achieve them. Discipline: There's a strong inclination toward discipline and a sense of responsibility.

What is the true node in astrology? ›

In astrology, the North Node (also known as the True Node) and the South Node are points that represent the soul's evolutionary journey in the birth chart. The North Node indicates the qualities and traits a person is meant to develop in this lifetime.

What is the 11th house in the South Node past life? ›

The South Node in the 11th house in an individual's birth chart suggests past life experiences, karmic patterns, and innate qualities related to friendships, social groups, collective ideals, humanitarian causes, and innovative thinking.

What are the nodes of fate? ›

The Natal Nodes of Fate/Destiny show your life's purpose (according to your natal birth chart). The North Node shows the karmic path/lesson/gifts we came here to learn and the South Node shows the karmic path/lesson/gifts we bring with us from previous lifetimes that we may fall back on.

Is South Node karmic? ›

All about the South Node

It's the karmic energy that we are trying to move out of, release, and leave behind in this lifetime.

What is the purpose of the South Node in Aquarius life? ›

South Node in Aquarius

You're someone who's known for giving back to your community and lending a helping hand when it comes to charity work and humanitarian goals. In your past lives, you may have been a revolutionary; someone who overthrew a brutal dictatorship.

What does South Node conjunction mean? ›

Comfort and familiarity: The South Node conjunction may also suggest a sense of comfort and familiarity between the two individuals. They may feel as if they have known each other for a long time, even if they have just met. This can be both positive and negative depending on the other aspects in the chart.

What does my South Node say about me? ›

The zodiac sign where our north node is placed represents the sign where it resided at the moment of our birth and the archetype that we are being called to embody and embrace in this lifetime. The zodiac sign of our south node speaks to what we already know and where we are coming from.

What is the path of fortune in Capricorn? ›

The part of fortune in Capricorn is ruled by Saturn, which is all about responsibility, work, and wisdom. People with this placement will find the most luck and success in working through any obstacles that come their way with due diligence.

What is the South Node of a Virgo? ›

South node in Virgo is about needing to earn everything, even those things that are impossible to earn, like love or trust or desire. I meet a lot of Virgo south node people who have inherited a type of work or a type of mentality around work from a family member.

What is the meaning of the South Node? ›

Many astrologers believe that your South Node reflects your past life: Who you were, what you learned, and where your soul left off. We're often “experts” at our South Node — it exposes themes that are familiar, accessible, and easily achievable. In many ways, the South Node signifies our spiritual comfort zone.

What is the node of fortune in astrology? ›

Your Part of Fortune is the intersection between your Sun, Moon, and Rising signs on your birth chart. It represents areas where you find luck and success. Use the formula Ascendant + Sun - Moon to calculate your Part of Fortune if you have a night chart (meaning your Sun sign is in houses 1 - 6).

What is the South Node in Virgo past life? ›

Virgo is represented by the Hermit. According to Wells, those with this South Node have lived as servants, priestesses, and temple guardians. “You are an expert at sifting and or/suffering through experience, and finding a useful application for it.

What is the past life of the South Node in Leo 5th house? ›

With your South Node in Leo, you have spent many lives as an entertainer (and being loved and adored for it). You may have been someone who spent a lot of time on the stage, which is why you have little issue with being the center of attention in this life.

Is the South Node the same as the descendant? ›

The South Node can indicate where we may feel a sense of familiarity and comfort, but also where we may experience stagnation or resistance to change. The Descendant represents our relationships, partnerships, and how we relate to others.

What does the South Node represent in human design? ›

In essence, the South Node shows you what experiences you already brought with you into this life - things that are familiar to you and that you've mastered. The North Node shows you the new territory you're treading. While the North Node may feel new or uncomfortable, it will also feel the most rewarding.

What is the South Node in Hellenistic astrology? ›

In many cultures, the nodes of the Moon have been depicted as dragons. The North Node represents the head of the dragon — a point of increase, according to Hellenistic and medieval astrologers. The South Node, or tail of the dragon, denotes a dwindling, by contrast. A surrender.

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