Song of the Deep Sea Quest in Lost Ark - Game Lost Ark (2024)

Song of the Deep Sea Quest in Lost Ark. The quest requires you to retrieve a valuable artifact from the bottom of the ocean, which is located in a sunken temple. To access the temple, you will need to use the diving equipment that you obtained in the previous quest, “Dive Preparation.” This equipment allows you to explore the underwater environment and breathe underwater for an extended period.

Once you’ve reached the sunken temple, you will need to navigate through a series of underwater obstacles, such as moving debris and currents, in order to reach the artifact. Additionally, you will encounter various enemies, such as sea monsters and other aquatic creatures, that will try to attack you. You will need to use your combat skills to defeat these enemies and continue your journey to retrieve the artifact.

After successfully retrieving the artifact, you will be rewarded with valuable items such as experience points, silver, and crafting materials. These resources can be used to improve your character’s abilities and equipment, which will help you progress further into the game and take on more challenging quests and enemies.

Completing the “Song of the Deep Sea” quest is an important milestone in the game, as it allows you to progress further into the story and unlock new areas to explore and conquer. It also provides an exciting and challenging mission that tests your skills as a player and rewards you for your hard work and dedication.

How To Complete Song Of The Deep Sea Quest In Lost Ark

To complete the Song of the Deep Sea quest in Lost Ark, you need to finish the Oblivion Sea Dungeon, which is part of a longer quest called Payton Void. The Oblivion Sea Dungeon quest is a simple quest where you need to dive into the ocean and fight off enemy bosses.

At the start of the quest, your party will be divided into two groups of four, and you will need to put on your wetsuits and choose between a power fist or a harpoon as your weapon. The suits will provide you with oxygen, so you don’t need to worry about running out of air.

Once you’re underwater, you’ll face some fish to kill before reaching the first boss, Deep Sea Varangus. During the boss fights, you’ll see red bubbles that appear on the ground, and while they don’t do much damage, they can add up quickly, so be careful. A mini-boss in the form of a shark will also appear, and it’s best to kill it first for a buff to your suit’s speed and damage.

After defeating the first boss, you’ll enter the oxygen phase, where you’ll need to replenish your oxygen from a purple flower or water bubbles coming out of the ground. The second boss, Akam the Sea Guard, will need to be defeated in two phases. The first phase is standing, where the boss will use its feet to attack, and the second phase is when it sinks into the ground and uses its tentacles for the attack. During the second boss fight, a giant red bubble will appear on the ground, causing damage. You can avoid this damage by going into the safe zone, which is a small white circle where the big red circle originates.

Once you’ve defeated the second boss, you’ll have completed the Oblivion Sea Dungeon and the Song of the Deep Sea quest.

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Story Progress For Song of the Deep Sea Quest Lost Ark

  1. Dive Preparation Quest – In this quest, you’ll learn how to prepare for underwater exploration, including how to equip yourself with diving gear and how to gather a team of adventurers to join you.
  2. Song of the Deep Sea Quest – After completing the Dive Preparation Quest, you’ll be ready to explore the deep sea in search of a lost shipwreck that contains valuable treasure. This quest will take you through various underwater environments and challenge you with powerful sea monsters and other obstacles.
  3. The Lost Kingdom Quest – Once you’ve successfully completed the Song of the Deep Sea Quest, you’ll uncover clues that lead you to the lost kingdom of an ancient civilization. You’ll need to explore the kingdom and uncover its secrets, which will involve battling powerful bosses and completing puzzles.
  4. Guardian of the Great Gate Quest – The final quest in the story progression involves facing off against the guardian of the Great Gate, a powerful boss that stands between you and your ultimate goal. This quest will test all of the skills you’ve learned so far, and completing it will unlock new areas to explore and conquer.
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Objective Explained For Song of the Deep Sea Quest Lost Ark

The first objective is to locate the wrecked ship in the Deep Sea and find the treasure. To do this, you will need to explore the underwater environment, which may include swimming through underwater caves and tunnels and avoiding dangerous sea creatures. The wrecked ship may be hidden in a specific location, so you’ll need to search thoroughly to find it.

Once you’ve located the ship, you’ll need to defeat the boss monster that guards the treasure. This may involve fighting off waves of smaller monsters before confronting the boss, which will likely be a more challenging opponent. You may need to use your skills and abilities effectively to defeat the boss and claim the treasure.

After you’ve defeated the boss and obtained the treasure, your final objective is to return to the surface and report to Jivelle in the Fiefdom of Steelwind. This may involve swimming back through the underwater environment, so you’ll need to be careful not to encounter any more dangers along the way.

Overall, the Song of the Deep Sea quest involves a mix of exploration, combat, and puzzle-solving as you navigate the underwater environment and search for treasure. It’s a fun and exciting adventure that will test your skills as an adventurer in the world of Lost Ark.

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Contents in Song of the Deep Sea Quest

The Song of the Deep Sea quest is an important part of the Lost Ark storyline that requires players to explore and complete the instance called “Sea of Oblivion.” This is the first stage of a search for the Great Gates, which will involve more instances and challenges later on. The quest also introduces the character of Arkedon, a powerful protector of the Great Gate who has remained neutral between the forces of light and darkness for centuries.

Additionally, the quest notifies the players that the Great Gateway instances are now available in the Abyssal Dungeon Raid List. These instances are a challenging aspect of the game that requires players to work together and split into two squads during the raid. This adds an element of teamwork and coordination to the game, as players must communicate and work together to overcome the challenges of the raid.

Overall, the Song of the Deep Sea quest offers an engaging storyline and introduces players to some of the more challenging aspects of the game. It is an essential part of the overall quest line and offers players the chance to progress further in the game while experiencing new challenges and adventures.

Rewards For Completing Song of the Deep Sea Quest

The rewards for completing the Song of the Deep Sea quest in Lost Ark include:

  • 2 Courage points
  • 53 Legacy Points

Courage points are a currency in Lost Ark that can be used to purchase various items from the Courage Shop, such as equipment and materials for upgrading gear.

Legacy points, on the other hand, are a measure of a player’s overall progress and accomplishments in the game. They are earned through completing quests, defeating bosses, and achieving other milestones. Higher legacy points can unlock access to certain content, such as raids and special items, and can also increase a player’s standing in the game’s rankings.

Song of the Deep Sea Quest in Lost Ark - Game Lost Ark (2024)


What is the Song of secrets in the Lost Ark? ›

To access hidden Mokoko Seed locations in Lost Ark, players will need the Song of Resonance, a Sheet Music song obtainable from a specific merchant. The "Song of Resonance" is a Sheet Music piece in Lost Ark that can reveal secret entrances for finding hidden collectibles.

How do you get the Song of melody in Lost Ark? ›

In order to obtain this melody, players need to fill out 50% of the Adventurer's Tome in the continent of Yudia. Activities that contribute to the completion include examining vistas, unlocking fast travel points, and completing dungeons.

What is the Song used for in the Lost Ark? ›

The song system is very simple. You will unlock songs as you progress through the story and by doing quests. Once you have obtained the song all you need to do is drag the song from the Sheet Music tab to your action bar and click it to play it.

What are the most important songs in the Lost Ark? ›

There are many songs in Lost Ark, and here we will talk about two of the most important ones: Song of Resonance and Forest's Minuet. These two songs are not just important to get important items, you will also need the one to get the other. That's why we will show you how to find them and what you need them for.

What is out of the ark songs for every body? ›

Songs For EVERY Body is a 'must have' collection of 15 songs that address core themes in the PSHE curriculum. Perfect for use in the classroom and any school assembly. Ideal for helping to teach citizenship, SEAL and developing the healthy schools concept.

What is the forest's minute Song in Lost Ark? ›

To get the Forest's Minuet Song in Lost Ark, players must acquire the Song of Resonance and reach Level 50 to accept a questline on Lullaby Island. Forest's Minuet is Sheet Music Song in Lost Ark that players will need to reveal hidden passages throughout the world and fulfill various regional side quests.

Is the song of starlight useful in Lost Ark? ›

This song is useful for quests and rapport with NPCs. Rapport is the relationship that the player has with an NPC. This means that using the Song of Starlight will help increase your relationship with an NPC. This helps with getting items, finishing quests, and receiving upgrades.

What is the song on the Lost Ark lullaby island event? ›

The Forest Minuet is the song you'll be seeking on the Lost Ark Lullaby Island, so read on for a walkthrough of how to earn it.

What are secret maps for in Lost Ark? ›

A Secret Map is a Rare item, usually received as a quest reward. The Item Level varies depending on the specific item. Each secret map shows the location of a Secret Dungeon.

What is the forest's minute song in Lost Ark? ›

To get the Forest's Minuet Song in Lost Ark, players must acquire the Song of Resonance and reach Level 50 to accept a questline on Lullaby Island. Forest's Minuet is Sheet Music Song in Lost Ark that players will need to reveal hidden passages throughout the world and fulfill various regional side quests.

How do you access the hidden story in Lost Ark? ›

Hidden Stories can be found in your Adventurer's Tome once unlocked in Rethramis. Hovering over each of the Hidden Stories reveals a story snippet that gives context clues as to the Hidden Story location.

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