Sheet-Pan Sausages and Brussels Sprouts With Honey Mustard Recipe (2024)



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To me, the changes people make to the recipe is the best part. Thank you for sharing.


Used cubed sweet potatoes (on hand), more mustard (mix of Dijon and grainy), and less honey (our preference). Yes, yes, I know, "you didn't make this", but honestly, we really enjoyed it. Super easy, great balance of flavors, and a big sheet of heavy duty foil meant almost no clean up.



Oh my gosh. Husband is not a fan of sausages (i know!) or mustard but loves brussels sprouts...yet i forged ahead. this was his response: i think this is one of the best things you’ve ever made. Mic drop.


This was bloody lovely! I added 6oz of broxolli slaw mix with carrot and red cabbage (I would totally use the full 12oz bag next time) and I used chicken sausage from Costco that are whole30 compliant (I know honey isn't but it's all part of free food choices) I let them cook a little longer so the slaw got charred and sticky and the Brussels were lovely and dark. I'll be making this again for sure. Quick easy and delicious.


Made it with Beyond Meat brats cut into coins. The whole thing was delicious and cooked though evenly.


Sheet pans are fine, I have five or so, but they aren't the greatest invention since the wheel, as the enthusiasm for them seems to suggest.Cooking most, or all, of a meal in one pan makes sense for numerous reasons, but for this recipe, as well as so many others, a heavy bottomed pan is better, and most sheet pans aren't that sturdy.A skillet would work well. A heavy bottomed large skillet -14" is a great size, and is more versatile than a sheet pan.


Made as written. It was delicious. Next time, I will definitely track down bratwurst (used sweet Italian sausage) use a lot more mustard (probably a combination of Dijon and grainy mustard) and double the vegetables. My 3 comments are: potatoes definitely benefitted from being cut smaller to be a little smaller than the Brussels sprouts as they take longer to cook; wouldn’t use mustard seeds again as they didn’t soften up in the 15 min. cooking; cooking time was more like 35 even with convection


Butternut squash works well with this.


This was really good but I made some tweaks. Instead of whole links, I cut the sausage into coins. I went a little crazy with the sauce and made a lot of it and added some lemon juice. So spicy, sweet, and hearty!


Made this for supper tonight. Nice and quick. If you use baby red potatoes, I'd cut them into quarters instead of halves unless you like your potatoes quite firm. I made an extra half serving of the honey mustard for dunking and it was a choice I do not regret.

L Clifton

Reduced the oil by about half but it came out fine. Made it twice, once with precooked chicken-maple sausage, once with raw mild Italian chicken sausage. Put the precooked sausage in after the 1st 15 minutes, cooked whole recipe 10 more minutes, turned off oven and rested pan in oven for about 5 minutes while guests gathered at the table--this version turned out delicious and we didn't miss the extra oil.


Has anyone tried this with a vegetarian sausage such as Beyond Meat?


Delicious and easy. I added a chopped red onion and chopped granny smith apples instead of the honey.


Fantastic result, but would double the honey mustard next time. Used walnuts which added a bit of crunch, nice addition. Next time I’ll deglaze the sheet pan, and use the sweet and savory bits as extra sauce. Delicious!


Delicious! Followed the double the mustard for tossing and made extra for dipping. Only future modification would be to put Brussels in after the initial 10 minutes so they stay firm and only cook for 10 minutes.


Parmesan, parsley


This is delicious. It is a simple way to kick up a simple dish several notches. I can’t wait to try different variations!


Amazing ratio of flavor (lots) to time spent (very little, used pre-trimmed sprouts). A huge win!

Patty’s Place

Delicious use chopped up cabbage instead of brussel sprouts ! Easy weeknight meal 😊


I made this because of the ratings and comments, though I was skeptical. And wrong. Really good. Used fresh sweet Italians and doubled the sauce (but not the honey). Also put the sheet pan it the oven while pre-heating to give the veggies a running start. Yum!


I add more honey than the recipe calls for - it carmalizes and is delish!


This is good, I’ll say a 3.5 for me and a 5.0 for my husband. If I make it again, I would increase the proportion of Brussels sprouts to double the amount of potatoes. I would also increase volume of dressing by 50%. Finally, I didn’t have mustard seeds on hand, so used grainy Dijon. I also didn’t add nuts, and I think both mustard seed and nuts would be nice additions. My husband wouldn’t be bothered by those changes, and it would be an improvement for me.


This was so tasty and so easy and so fast. Next time will use smaller more even-sized potatoes for more efficient cooking and to stay within 30-min cook time. A side of sauerkraut was nice with it.


Would this be good with kielbasa?


Pretty pretty pretty good. I actually added some apple wedges to the second roast, after the drizzle. Roast sausage & apples are a perfect complement, and they went great with the sprouts. Next time I'll probably halve or coin the sausages though, they didn't quite get cooked through & charred enough this way which was surprising.


Delicious and so easy. Mustard sauce makes it.


could use onions


Fab. Did 2x the brussels and omitted the potatoes. Used sweet Italian pork sausages and whatever mustards I had left in my fridge (some Dijon and some stone ground). Timed it for 12 min, then toss and flip, then 10 min. The Brussels were pretty soft at that point and the sausage was definitely fully cooked, so I think it could have handled 10 10 mins.


Delicious. Used what I had on hand: smaller frozen Brussel sprouts and tiny mixed potatoes. (I dropped the little sprouts into boiling water for three minutes to make sure they weren't frozen.) And like a lot of other made extra honey mustard for dipping. Definitely making again.

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Sheet-Pan Sausages and Brussels Sprouts With Honey Mustard Recipe (2024)
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