Samsung TV Loses Sound Intermittently? (Possible Causes & Fixes) (2023)

Samsung TV Loses Sound Intermittently? (Possible Causes & Fixes) (1)

Losing the sound for even a few seconds on your Samsung TV in the middle of your favorite show is frustrating. Invariably, the sound interruption happens at the most exciting or critical point of your show. There are several reasons your Samsung TV may intermittently lose its sound or volume.

If your Samsung TV intermittently loses the sound, there is a conflict in the settings. You may also have a problem with one of the devices plugged into your TV, or your internet feed is experiencing lagging. The big hurdle to solving intermittent sound issues is locating the conflict or resolving internet speed problems.

Some of these problems are easy to diagnose and repair. Others may take a little more effort and time but can be performed by most homeowners. Barring a problem with the soundboard or main control board on your TV, following a few simple steps can have you enjoying your favorite shows in no time.

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Samsung TV Loses Sound Intermittently? (Possible Causes & Fixes) (2)

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Resolving the Most Common Issues

We like to work from the easiest problem to find and fix to the most difficult. Eliminating the easy issues often saves you time and effort. If you can eliminate the easy problems, you may make it quicker for a repair technician to find the issue.

Start with our systematic steps to resolve the most common issues causing intermittent sound on your Samsung TV. Work carefully and follow the directions exactly to ensure that you don’t overlook or miss a problem.

Step 1: Are Your Headphones Plugged In?

A common problem that can cause no sound or intermittent sound on your Samsung TV is a set of headphones plugged into the headphone jack on your TV. If the headphones are plugged in fully, you may have no sound from the TV speakers at all.

Some people routinely pull the plug partially from the headphone jack and leave the cord dangling. Leaving your headphones partially plugged into the TV may be convenient, but it may also cause problems. The headphone jack may contact the plug enough to cause intermittent sound failures on your TV.

A better habit is to fully unplug your headphones, coil the cable, and store the headphones properly to protect them from damage or dust.

Step 2: Check the Status of Bluetooth Devices

Unpair any Bluetooth devices that you routinely use with your TV. Some TV”s will disconnect the TV speaker audio if Bluetooth headphones or speakers are paired with the Samsung TV. There are situations where your headphones may pair inadvertently with your TV and cause the sound to turn off to the TV speakers.

On Samsung TVs, you can unpair any connected Bluetooth devices.

  • Access the SETTINGS menu and select the GENERAL tab.
  • Under this menu, look for an option titled EXTERNAL DEVICE MANAGER.
  • Select the DEVICE CONTROL MANAGER option.
  • You should see the DEVICE LIST. Unpair any connected devices that may affect the audio output of your Samsung TV.

If this solves your intermittent sound problems, there may be a conflict between one of your Bluetooth devices and the audio system of the TV. Re-pair each device and see if the problem recurs.

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Step 3: Check the Anynet Settings

Anynet is a service built into your Samsung TV that enables your Samsung remote to control external accessory devices. If you routinely use a cable or satellite receiver box with your Samsung TV, having the remote turn on both systems simultaneously is convenient.

However, the Anynet feature can hijack your audio feed and cause intermittent sound problems on some Samsung TVs. To see if this is the problem with your Samsung TV, turning off the Anynet feature should eliminate the audio problems.

  • Select MENU on your Samsung TV remote
  • Click on the GENERAL tab on the menu screen
  • Look for the menu item labeled EXTERNAL DEVICE MANAGER and click
  • Look for the ANYNET + HDMI-CEC label and turn the option off

Go back to normal viewing and see if the intermittent sound issues continue. If your audio issues seem to be resolved, the problem is with the Anynet option. The downside to turning Anynet off is the need to control your accessory devices with a separate remote control.

Step 4: Check Your Audio Cables for Damage or Loose Connections.

If you have a soundbar or home theatre system attached to your Samsung TV, the audio cables can be the source of intermittent sound problems. Check the cable or cables that connect your audio devices to your Samsung TV for damage or loose connections.

Unplug the cables and examine the wires carefully. If there is any visible damage, such as pinching or cuts, the cable should be replaced. Over time the wires may pull away from the plug jackets on either end. If this happens, the cable should be replaced.

The cable may also have been inadvertently partially disconnected. Make sure both ends of the cable are firmly and fully seated into the jacks on your Samsung TV and the audio device.

Step 5:Test Your HDMI Ports and Devices for Issues

There are several issues with HDMI ports and the devices connected through them that can cause audio issues with your Samsung TV. A process of elimination is the best way to find any audio problems associate with your HDMI equipment.

  • Unplug all HDMI accessory devices from your Samsung TV. If this eliminates your audio problems, one of the HDMI devices is to blame.
  • Make sure all the HDMI cables you are using are undamaged. A bad connector or a damaged cable can cause an intermittent sound problem on your Samsung TV. Replace any damaged or suspect HDMI cables.
  • Plugin one HDMI device and check for proper operation. Open the HDMI input and turn on the device. Give the TV and device enough time to properly connect and establish communications. If no audio problem occurs, go on to the next HDMI device.
  • If your sound problems appear after you plug in one HDMI device, you have either a bad cable and connection or some of the settings in the HDMI device conflict with the settings on your Samsung TV. Check the user’s manual of the device to correct the settings problem.
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Getting all the settings on your Samsung TV and your HDMI devices in the proper place can be a challenge. This is especially true with older HDMI devices such as game consoles. You may find more information about tweaking the HDMI settings to prevent audio issues by searching on the internet.

Step 6: Make Sure the Firmware on Your Samsung TV is Updated

Your Samsung TV is operated internally by the firmware loaded onto the main control board. As issues or new technologies are introduced, Samsung routinely issues firmware updates. You should keep the firmware on your TV updated to the latest version to ensure the best operations.

Outdated firmware can cause a host of problems. The intermittent audio on your Samsung TV may be caused by a known issue that is easily resolved by updating the firmware on your Samsung TV.

Each Samsung TV model has different firmware and different methods of downloading and updating the firmware on your Samsung TV. You can access the Samsung firmware download system for the latest information at this link. You will find the latest firmware and full instructions on this website.

Step 7: Perform a Sound Diagnostic on your Samsung TV

Your Samsung TV has several self-diagnosing systems built into the firmware. You can access these self-diagnostic tools from the Support menu on your Samsung TV. When you have found the Support menu, select the self-diagnosis option, and locate the Sound Test choice. Highlight and click on this choice. Follow the instructions on the Samsung TV screen to complete the self-test.

Step 7: Reset Your Samsung TV

Sometimes, sound problems are caused by a glitch in the software that controls the ports or sound settings. The easiest way to make sure that the components of your Samsung TV are operating correctly is to perform a reset. This is easily accomplished

  • Use your Samsung remote to turn off your Samsung TV
  • Unplug the power cord of the Samsung TV from the wall outlet
  • Wait approximately five minutes to give all the systems in the TV time to turn off completely
  • Plug the power cord back into the wall outlet
  • Use your Samsung remote to power up the Samsung TV

This is almost a last-ditch effort. Doing a power reset on your TV may erase all your settings. If this happens, reconnect all your devices and repeat the setup steps for each device. Any schedules or calendars you set previously may also be erased.

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Step 8: Weak or Lagging Internet Connections

Slow internet connections can cause intermittent sound problems with your Samsung TV. This happens when you are streaming content from an online service, and the speed of your internet connection falls behind the streaming service.

Usually, this situation is accompanied by a pause in the video as well. This situation is not unusual and is not a problem with your Samsung TV. Contact your Internet provider to find possible solutions to internet speed problems in your area.

Step 9: Time for a Service Call

If everything else has failed, it is time to schedule a visit from a Samsung certified repair technician. More than likely, there is an internal problem with the electronics of your Samsung TV that are beyond homeowner repair.

A certified repair technician has the tools and training to diagnose these problems and advise you on the proper repairs to remediate the sound problems.

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Samsung TV Loses Sound Intermittently? (Possible Causes & Fixes) (3)

Hearing What you Want to Hear

We all agree watching TV is much more enjoyable when the audio from the TV is clear and understandable. Intermittent sound problems can be frustrating and ruin your enjoyment and entertainment. Hopefully, one of our tips will help you resolve your Samsung TV’s intermittent sound problems.

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Samsung TV Loses Sound Intermittently? (Possible Causes & Fixes)? ›

A loose connection on your external device or devices can also cause audio dropouts. Make sure the cable connections are undamaged and secured at both ends. If needed, replace the cable. If a different port on your TV is available, reconnect to it instead.

Why is my sound going in and out on my Samsung TV? ›

A loose connection on your external device or devices can also cause audio dropouts. Make sure the cable connections are undamaged and secured at both ends. If needed, replace the cable. If a different port on your TV is available, reconnect to it instead.

What causes intermittent sound loss on TV? ›

Try switching to a different channel or streaming service. An issue can occur with the broadcast of certain channels or streaming services. Check the cable connections to your TV from your set-top box (cable box, satellite, etc.) or audio system. A loose or defective cable could cause an issue with your sound.

Where is the sound sensor on Samsung TV? ›

You can turn the sound sensor on or off by using its button at the bottom of the TV. With the TV on, you can push the button to the left to turn the sound sensor on or to the right to turn it off. You can see the pop-up window on the TV to check whether the sound sensor is turned on or off.

Why does my Samsung Smart TV keep losing sound? ›

Sometimes the issue stems from a problem with the input. Either a bad cable, a bad box, or some other fault along the way can prevent your TV from playing sound because, well, there is no sound to play. On some models you can run a sound test: Got to Settings or Device Care, then select Support.

Why does my sound keep going in and out? ›

Defective hardware or improper network configuration can cause audio to cut in and out. If the problem occurs on one phone, the underlying cause can vary from equipment to network configuration. If audio cuts in and out on multiple phones, the issue is likely network related.

Why does my Samsung soundbar keep cutting in and out? ›

Soundbar audio cuts out due to Bluetooth interference or weak cable connections. Outdated firmware can lead to software bugs that negatively affect your soundbar's performance. Ensure that your soundbar has a consistent power source and is plugged into a wall socket or USB port.

How to do sound test on Samsung TV? ›

If your TV is having audio problems, you can run a Sound Test to find out the cause of the issue.
  1. 1 On the remote control, press the Menu or Home button.
  2. 2 Select Device Care. ...
  3. 3 Select Self Diagnosis.
  4. 4 Select Start Sound Test to check the sound.
Jun 23, 2023

Can a TV with no sound be fixed? ›

A power cycle is a primary procedure that resolves the frequent problems with your Smart TV. Turning your TV off and back on again is one of the first things you should do if the volume isn't working or is stuck. Verify the audio settings. Make sure that the TV's audio input settings are on.

How can I get sound back on my TV? ›

Getting Sound Back on a TV
  1. First, point your TV remote at your Television and press the mute button. ...
  2. In case you have speakers hooked to your TV, unplug them. ...
  3. Go to the TV audio settings and make sure your TV speakers are selected. ...
  4. Verify that your TV MTS settings are configured to 'main or 'stereo.

What is the Samsung sound sensor? ›

Sound sensor detects the sound of the surroundings for the Active Voice Amplifier and Adaptive Sound+ functions of Intelligent Mode. These functions can be used only when the sound sensor is activated, and the sound output is set to TV Speaker.

How do I keep my TV volume constant? ›

Some recent TVs have a built in volume-levelling feature. It can usually be found on the Audio setup menu and will be called something like Auto Volume Levelling or Control, Dolby Volume or Tru Volume. At the moment it is mostly confined to higher-end TVs but it should eventually filter down to mid-market models.

Why has my sound bar suddenly stopped working? ›

More often than not, the issue would be with the cable. If all the connections are secure, then try the same connections with a different cable. Sometimes the cable is having some interference with the connection. If the problem persists, check your volume.

Why is my Samsung media sound not working? ›

Verify Sound Settings

First, ensure that your Samsung Galaxy phone is not muted. You can check this by going to Settings > Sounds and Vibration and setting the Sound mode to Sound. Adjust the volume sliders to increase the volume level and check if the speakers are working fine.


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