Kim Cattrall On 'And Just Like That...' Cameo & LGBTQ+ Representation In 'Glamorous' | The View (2023)


"It's very interesting to get a call from the head of HBO saying, 'What can we do?,'" Cattrall tells 'The View' exclusively. Cattrall discusses the importance of LGBTQ+ representation in her new show, 'Glamorous,' and reuniting with famed costume designer Patricia Field for the show.

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Oh, my God to your health I wish it was a little something stronger.

I can make that happen.

If you want um, how much time are we getting Kim? Your new show is anyone can see in that clip glamorous is so much fun and there's so much representation for the lgbtq plus community.

So what Drew you to this role? It looks fun watching you from here but yeah.

Well, it was so much fun and also I'm a big fan of the Devil Wears Prada, yes and Ugly Betty yeah and it had all those elements, but it was a fresh new.

Take for those reasons that you just said, the inclusivity of it was really exciting to be involved with I love working with young actors, and some of them had been it's.

It can be complicated sometimes, but they don't know where the stop signs are.

You know they're just coming there with a lot of energy and they're so excited they want to be to be there.

Yes, they do.

They do that's fun.

Well, you've had a long friendship with costume designer Patricia field.

I stalked her at the Variety party I, have pictures with her I the fashion which you had the the place on 8th, 8th Street in the village.

Yes, yes, I almost lived there, you were back working together on glamorous.

Yes, she was so busy.

She was only doing me, so we would come with Nancy Gould.

Who was the costume designer for the show and we would come and we'd go shopping.

It's so fun! Oh my God, it's so much fun I! You know I think it's so special to work with with her.

You know she knows my body really well really yeah yeah.

We spend a lot of time together, make clothes and unclothed oh yeah, and she knows what's right for the character.

She's, always studying the script.

Yeah I admire her so much.

She really changed how every all of us really definitely yeah and not being afraid of color.

You know, especially for the characters that I played, that she's she's done, the costumes for so I I, just love her to death, She's Got, a documentary.

Yes, it's called happy clothes and I said.

Why do you do what you do? She said because I like to make people happy- and she really has made amazing well I- have to say glamorous is so fun: I love, Marco's character, just adorable I, binged, half of it this weekend and you're perfect for it.

But another thing we all know: you're perfect for um fans, myself included, are just thrilled to hear that you're going to have a scene in the new season of, and just like that, reprising your icons, um I, know I know you can't tell us much um, but what what can you share with us? Well, it's very interesting to get a call from the head of HBO saying: what can we do and I went? Hmm, let me get creative and one of those things was to get padfield back.

Oh because I just thought, you know if I'm going to come back, I got to come back with that kind of Samantha style.

Yeah I gotta push it yeah and uh so Kevin.

Last year you were honored at variety's Power of women event.

Yes, and in your speech, you talked about how your secret for success is learning to say no, which is interesting.

You know my friend, Lee Grant.

She wrote a book called I always said yes, I read that book yeah but you're, saying I always say no.

Yes, so I, don't always say no, but I I think that at this point in my life, especially where I want to spend the time and with whom is very important to me, yes and what I want to say, with the characters that I play so I've learned through the years to sort of take a step back and see myself doing something and really register how that feels yeah.

Does that feel right or no I should be over on this trick over here? That feels more me more now, but don't you get into trouble with directors? If you want, if you say no I don't want to stand over here, I want to stand there.

No I I I I like to think at this point: I can collaborate yeah.

So if there's there has to be a reason that I say no and I think well, you know I can't sit on the bench with the kids because they all work for me.

I'm, the head of this Corporation, so I wouldn't be sitting on the couch with them.

I would be sitting on the throne right.

You get a lot of Alina Helena Rubenstein when I when I think about your character, she was she was.

She was makeup addict's finest.

She was a kid yeah, and so you just would see Alina Rubenstein! Oh that's what I saw that's what I saw when people go walking in, but Kim you're also starring in a new movie about my father, uh.

Not your fault! Is that your father? No! It's called in quote about my father Yes, but with Sebastian Maniscalco hilarious, Leslie, Bibb, Robert, De Niro.

Now, there's a scene Robert D over there, but um he's massaging your hair at one point and cutting and massaging they're very memorable memorable moments.

So tell us about this video about that.

You know.

First of all, he's he's Robert De Niro yeah yeah, but the most amazing thing about him is that he just comes to go to work.

You know he wants to play with you.

He wants you to come up with stuff, so he can spark and you and we we did that yeah yeah.

He didn't realize how funny he is he's hilarious, massage I'm still talking about it.

Oh that's all day, I love that well, you were born in Liverpool England.

Yes, it was raised in Canada, but in 2020 you became an American citizen, I did and uh were able to vote in your first presidential election.

We won't ask who you voted for.

Oh, you don't need to ask.

How did it feel to be able to have a voice in the election? It took me too long.

I wish I'd done it much sooner, but this was an imperative election.

Yes, for me, right and I was very motivated.

Yes, even though it was you know, it was during the pandemic, and things were difficult.

I was not going to lay by the wayside and just say: well what happens? What happens and I became an American citizen which I'm very, very proud, so you're, a British citizen, a Canadian citizen, an American citizen, I am yes, but I spend most of my time in America, yeah, wow, yeah I saw you in something British uh.

Where was it um? Were you playing miss havisham or something in something British, you not miss Havish, no, not yet well.

Julian Anderson's doing it.

I know yeah, but not yet yeah.

It's always a pleasure to watch you.

Oh thank you! No journeyman, yep yep yeah, that's the highest compliment.

Yeah yeah, yes, I feel I am and proud to be.

So glamorous is out now on Netflix, so you can catch it on Netflix about my father is on demand.

It's very very funny.

I! Think you'll, like it see you next time absolutely.


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Samantha is the oldest of the 4 friends (almost 10 years older; in season 6, she reveals she is 45), and she owns her own public-relations company.

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In May 2022 interview Variety, Cattrall made her feelings clear about not wanting to be part of the new show. She told the outlet that she didn't like how her character was represented in the script for the never-produced third movie, saying it was “heartbreaking” and that it turned her off from reprising Samantha.

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Samantha Jones originally appeared in Candace Bushnell's column "Sex and the City" in The New York Observer, where she is introduced as a "40-ish movie producer" known for dating a multitude of younger men. Bushnell based the character on a friend she described as "kind of an expert on men and dating".

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And it was changing who Samantha was. Samantha was 10 years older than the other girls, a totally different experience,” Star said. Well, not quite 10. When Sex and the City premiered Davis and Parker were 33, Nixon was 32, and Cattrall was 41.

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She told host Zing Tsjeng: 'This was 1998, I would have to become a bit of a science experiment... My partner and I would have to be available to have sex at a certain time... There's just no way, I could have done that in a healthy, emotional, physical, or even physical state, and do 19-hour days.

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According to sources who spoke to Page Six, Cattrall had a couple of conditions before signing on for a “cliff-hanger” appearance on Max's Sex and the City spin-off. Apparently, Cattrall agreed to return as long as she didn't have to shoot with former costars Sarah Jessica Parker, Cynthia Nixon, and Kristin Davis.

What accent does Kim Cattrall have? ›

Kim Cattrall has revealed that growing up around British accents helped her to master them. The Sex And The City star, who lived in Liverpool before emigrating to Canada with her family, said that she worked very hard on her English accent after landing a role in a West End play.

How much is Kim Cattrall? ›

Kim Cattrall Net Worth 2023
Net Worth:$80 million
Salary:$7 million +
Monthly Income:$0.5 million +
Date of Birth:August 21, 1956
6 more rows
Jun 1, 2023

How old is Samantha Jones supposed to be? ›

Samantha is the oldest of the four friends (in the final scene of the Sex and the City film, her 50th birthday is celebrated), though it is implied during the early seasons that the other three are not aware of how much older Samantha is than they are. She has her own public-relations company.

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German, or more precisely High German, is a West Germanic language mainly spoken in Western Europe and Central Europe. It is the most widely spoken and official or co-official language in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Liechtenstein, and the Italian province of South Tyrol.

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