How To Fix Knocking Sounds When Turning [8 Ways] (2023)

Does your car make knocking or cracking sounds when you turn the steering? This could be a sign that there is a problem with one or more components of your steering or suspension system. You should not ignore these signs as there could be a serious problem that needs to be fixed right away. Let us find out why there is a knocking sound when turning.

The turning process of your car is handled by the steering and the suspension system. The steering of the car requires a power steering fluid, a pump, and a belt. The suspension system reduces pressure while steering. Without wasting any time, let’s dig into the problem and look for its solution.

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Causes Of Knocking Sounds & How To Fix Them?

It may be tricky to find where the problem is, we will help you determine your car has a clicking sound when you turn and fix it if a replacement is not the only option.

How To Fix Knocking Sounds When Turning [8 Ways] (1)

1. Fix Noises Heard At Lower Speeds

If you are hearing clunking noise when driving slow, the problem lies in the damaged suspension joints. The suspension joints are responsible for carrying the load of the vehicle. This puts a lot of load on them and with time, they get worn out.

How To Fix It?

Replacement is the only option because the suspension joints get worn out with time and if damaged, need to be replaced only.

2. Fix Noises Heard At Higher Speeds

If you hear crunching or clicking sounds, the problem is with the CV joints or the bearings in them. The bearings are the ones that carry the load of the vehicle when you turn your vehicle. If this problem is not looked into, it may eventually cause uneven tire wear and wobbling at high speeds that could lead to an accident.

How To Fix It?

For this problem, it is evident that the shaft is damaged and the bearings are out. So, it is best to replace the shaft to solve your problem. Below is a video for you that could help you diagnose your problem.

3. Fix Damaged Jounce Bushing

Bushings are suspension components made mostly of rubber and are responsible for absorbing the shocks and bumps, reducing the noise and vibrations and controlling the movements of the joints. Just like all other parts, these tend to wear out and become dry or cracked. This results in the creaking and groaning sounds while turning. These sounds tend to get louder if not looked after and could lead to serious damage.

How To Fix It?

If you are sure that the problem is with the bushings, you should replace them as soon as possible. This video could help you more.

4. Fix Bad Ball Joints

Ball joints are responsible for controlling the steering knuckles and arms. These components are very important for the control and movement of the vehicle. These tend to get dry over time causing the creaking noises you hear.

How To Fix It?

Lubricating the ball joints could fix this problem. Also, do it more often to avoid it in the future. Below is a video that could help you locate the ball joints and fix the problem of the knocking sound when turning the car.

5. Fix Worn-Out Steering Column Bearing

If you hear a loud rubbing sound while turning from the steering, the problem s with the steering column bearing. The sound you hear is due to the plastic on the back of the steering wheel rubbing against the covering of the steering column.

How To Fix It?

Greasing or replacing the 15mm bolt from the steering shaft could be an option, but many people have complained that this did not solve the problem entirely. Replacing the bearing in the steering column would fix the problem permanently.

6. Fix Noise Due To Steering Fluid Leak

Steering fluids are very important for the proper steering of the vehicle. It transmits the necessary pressure to make your steering process easy. It is stored in a reservoir that has a filter to keep it clean. If the reservoir gets clogged due to failure of the filter or leakage, you will hear creaking sounds while turning your steering.

How To Fix It?

Finding the cause of the leakage or changing the fluid could help fix the problem. Below is a tutorial for you to fix the knocking sound when turning your car.

7. Replace the Damaged Sway Bar

You will hear clunking sounds when this is the problem. This bar is a very crucial part of your car as it prevents the rolling of your car. It helps your car keep itself stabilized when turning sharply.

How To Fix It?

Replacing the bar is the only option. This is a very crucial part and should be handled by a professional only.

8. Fix Damaged Struts or Shocks

If you experience your car bouncing off and hear the car make a knocking noise when turning, this may be a sign of damaged struts or shocks. These components generally last for a long time but may get worked out eventually.

How To Fix It?

Replacement of the struts and shocks is the only option if the problem is concerned with them.

Frequently Asked Questions-

So, here are some of the frequently asked questions about how to fix a knocking sound, and the causes of a knocking noise when turning?-

Why Does My Steering Wheel Make A Noise When I Turn It All The Way?

The steering wheel makes a noise when turning ut because of ball joints which allow these noises. For this, thses joints must remain lubricated at all times.

What Causes A Knocking Noise When Turning?

As CV joints wear out, then it can cause a knocking noise when you turn it.

How Do You Fix A Knocking Sound?

You can fix a knocking sound by-

  1. First, you should change the Oil and Filter.
  2. Then use High Octane Fuel.
  3. After that next step is to Add some Fuel Detergent. …
  4. Next, Clean the Combustion Chamber.
  5. Reduce Intake Charge Density.

What Is The Cause Behind A Clunking Noise?

The main reason /cause behind a clunking sound when braking is the worn brake pads.

How Much Does It Cost To Fix A Knocking Engine?

To fix a knocking engine costs $2,000-$3,000 on average.

Can Thicker Oil Stop Engine Knocking?

Thicker oil can stop the engine from knocking temporarily but not permanently. So, for this you should have to replace it, getting a new vehicle.

Can I Drive With My Engine Knocking?

Yes, you can drive with your engine knocking but it is not so far away.

Can Timing Chain Cause Knocking?

A broken timing chain can cause knocking resulting in very loud knocking and noises destroying the valves.

How Do I Get Rid Of Spark Knock?

You can get rid of spark knock by-

When you Treat your engine with a carbon cleaner or we can say a fuel system additive, then ut can usually clear this.

Final Conclusion

We have discussed all the problems you could face during turning your vehicle. You should carefully diagnose the problem by observing what type of sounds you hear. And don’t postpone your visit to a mechanic to avoid further complications.

If you like this article and have any queries, let us know in the comment section below.

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