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Soundbars were invented as a portable and affordable alternative to carrying around a large and heavy home theater system.

It can add a lot of low ends and fill in sound in small spaces, but what if you want to connect two separate soundbars to take your home theater experience up a notch? Well, we can tell you How To Connect Two Soundbars Together?


  • 1 Steps to Connect Two Soundbars Together
    • 1.1 1. Find The Jacks for Both Soundbars
    • 1.2 2. Connect The Audio Cables
    • 1.3 3. Turn The Soundbars On
    • 1.4 4. Set The Settings
  • 2 Can You Connect Your Soundbar Sound System to a Projector?
  • 3 Tips for Choosing a Soundbar for your Television
    • 3.1 The Type of Soundbar
    • 3.2 Dialogue Enhancement
    • 3.3 Space Consumption
    • 3.4 Surround Sound Feature
  • 4 FAQs about How To Connect Two Soundbars Together
    • 4.1 Can you daisy chain soundbars?
    • 4.2 Can two tvs use one soundbar?
    • 4.3 Can you add additional speakers to a soundbar?
  • 5 Conclusion

Steps to Connect Two Soundbars Together

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Home theater enthusiasts can connect two soundbars to hear two different sound feeds produced simultaneously by one sound system.

Both soundbars must have at least one output jack and one input. These jacks are standard in most soundbar sound systems.

These are the steps to connect soundbars.

1. Find The Jacks for Both Soundbars

To connect two soundbars, the first thing to do is locate the output jack of your first sound system. Most home sound systems, fortunately, do have these jacks. It will usually be soundbars located at the back of your system. It is usually labeled as either Output (or Headphones) by manufacturers.

It would also be helpful to look for the input jack on the second soundbar. It can be found on either the system’s side, marked as Input and Mic.

2. Connect The Audio Cables

The audio cable can be taken from one end and plugged into the output jack of the first soundbar. When you’re finished, plug the other end of the cable into the microphone input on the second sound bar.

3. Turn The Soundbars On

Once you have reattached the audio cables, turn on both sound systems. You can now switch the soundbars from the first to the second.

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Depending on the make and model, you have a variety of options for customizing the audio system. Sometimes you’ll need to adjust the soundbars’ Auxiliary, Audio Input, or Line in. You can then place the soundbars correctly.

It will allow the first sound system through to the second.

4. Set The Settings

This is the last step to connect two sound systems. Adjust the volume and EQ settings of the first sound system.

This will enable you to follow all applicable moderations for your system.

Too high EQ will result in poor sound quality coming from your soundbar. You must adjust EQ and volume settings properly on the remote. This will allow you to enjoy the full potential your soundbars offer.

Connect two soundbars? It’s possible!

Two separate rooms are different and have different TV models and brands. Some people wonder if they should buy a soundbar.

They are unsure if the soundbar will work in conjunction with their TV.

Can You Connect Your Soundbar Sound System to a Projector?

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Projectors are often used as their home theater’s screens. Projectors can project a larger image than TV screens.

There are also many sound systems out there. Generally, soundbars are the only ones that offer many audio inputs and audio outputs, as well as convenience. It is therefore ideal for connecting your soundbars with your projector.

Additionally, separate soundbars or projectors have 3.5mm TRRS connectors and RCA connectors as the primary connection.

Both are compatible. You can connect the 3.5mm output of the projector to your RCA inputs on your soundbars. You will need an adapter to fit your needs.

First, turn off all soundbars and other devices before connecting them to the projector. Next, connect the left and right RCA cables to the projector’s RCA outputs. The projector has a 3.5mm audio output, so you can use an extension cable to get better sound.

You might also connect the other end of the audio optical cables to the respective inputs on your projector. Connect the input devices to your projector, and then turn your devices on.

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You can also set the projector’s sound output to analog. This step requires you also to set the sound bar input analog.

Tips for Choosing a Soundbar for your Television

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You may be interested in upgrading your home theater’s audio system after all that has been said and done. If you want to upgrade your audio without taking up too much room, a sound bar is the way to go.

Before you buy your soundbar, it is essential to understand how to get the best unit.

The Type of Soundbar

Price is a critical factor in the differences between soundbars. This makes it more difficult to purchase. It would help if you asked questions to narrow down your options.

Are you looking for a cinema-like experience or a better TV sound?

You can also use some soundbars for music. It would be best if you looked for a soundbar that supports music playing. The feature might be wireless, Bluetooth or build in.

Each requirement has its soundbar model. Before you buy one, it is essential to understand your requirements fully.

Dialogue Enhancement

A soundbar will make your TV’s sound louder, more powerful, and more precise. This is why you will hear human voices clearly in series and movies.

Some people have trouble understanding dialogues if background sounds are playing around them. Some soundbars have a dialogue enhancement function. This feature enhances the volume and quality of voices over any other sounds made by the TV.

Space Consumption

Most soundbars on the market are small enough not to block your TV when placed in front of it. You can still mount soundbars on the wall. Make sure you get one with keyhole slots or brackets.

Surround Sound Feature

Natural surround sound systems have receivers that can decode sound signals from television soundtracks, series, and movies. The receiver will then send different signals to each speaker.

A soundbar can also decode sound signals, similar to surround sound systems. Most of these sounds are limited to 5.1 channel formats. Soundbars distribute sound differently.

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A soundbar may also have between two and thirteen small speakers, or even more. These speakers are often referred to simply as drivers.

Drivers do not transmit discrete sound to different speakers. The soundbar instead takes the surround sound signal. The soundbar will split the signal among its built-in drivers.

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FAQs about How To Connect Two Soundbars Together

How To Connect Two Soundbars Together? Full Guide 2023 - Hooke Audio (4)

Can you daisy chain soundbars?

Technically, yes. However, it is unclear if you want to go quadraphonic (one soundbar behind and one in front for the 4.0), 5.1, or another odd configuration. You didn’t explain it in detail. Soundbars are usually paired with two wireless rear speakers filling the rear channels.

Can two tvs use one soundbar?

As suggested, using an optical splitter is the best option. Two wireless subwoofers may not link to the same soundbar at once, which could cause a pairing problem. It is possible that you won’t notice an increase in power.

If the second subwoofer is placed correctly, it will provide smoother bass, best quality audio sounds, and an additional 3 dB volume.

Can you add additional speakers to a soundbar?

The sound bar does NOT have audio or speaker outputs. Hardware that can work independently without any additional wires or speakers. You cannot connect additional speakers to it unless you redesign your sound bar.


Soundbars are great pieces of home theater equipment, but they are often small and lack the kind of power that some people want.

But when it comes to connecting two sound systems, there are ways around this problem, making it easy to pair with other wireless rear speakers. By connecting one sound system’s sound feed into a second system, home-audio junkies can hear two separate audio feeds coming through a single set of speakers at the same time.

If you can’t search your system here, check out our Soundbar Buying Guide to ensure you are getting the best one for your needs.

Hooke Audio hope you enjoyed this article; please leave your comments below.

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