Best ATV Sound Bar (Review & Buying Guide) in 2022 (2023)

Benefits of ATV Sound Bars

  • Listen to music while you ride. Driving an ATV is noisy by nature, but you can still hear your tunes while you’re on the trails with a sound bar. The sound is directed right at you so that you can hear both the bass and the treble components of your songs.
  • Improved sound quality. ATV sound bars are designed for use outdoors, meaning the stereo components are built to eliminate background noise. The speakers are focused on the driver, letting you hear the music unencumbered by the sounds of the trails.
  • Durable design and structure. Because these sound bars are meant to be used while off-roading, they need to be strong enough to withstand the inevitable dust and debris. With a sturdy built, these stereos are meant to last over the long term.
  • Works in all weather. A quality ATV sound bar will be functional even if it’s raining. The contained and well-sealed design prevents water from getting to the electrical components. This way, you don’t have to worry about it breaking due to poor weather conditions.
  • Functions wirelessly. Unlike many speakers that are wired directly to the vehicle, ATV sound bars usually work via Bluetooth. You can curate a playlist on your smartphone and connect it to your sound bar, making the whole process easier.

Types of ATV Sound Bars

Receiver and Speakers

Connecting via an optical cable, this type of soundbar takes in digital information and converts it into audio via the receiver. It can take a bit more effort to install, but these models tend to be very durable. The receiver and speaker are built into a self-contained and entirely sealed bar, meaning you don’t have to worry about moisture or debris. When looking into this type of ATV sound bar, be sure that it is compatible with the electrical setup of your vehicle. Because the speakers are technically a separate part, it lets you focus the sound directly on the driver.

ATV Audio Tube

This type of ATV sound bar is very popular for its streamlined design. While they can be a bit on the pricier end, they are sleek in appearance and function very well. Per the namesake, they look like a tube or a pipe. This part contains all the features of the sound system, most often connecting via Bluetooth. Depending on the design, you can wire it into the ATV to source its power or use a rechargeable battery system. It mounts to the top of your ATV, where the sound spreads out evenly through the speaker openings on the tube.

Custom-Made Audio Kit

Though most sound bars for ATVs come premade, you can source the parts separately and construct a setup specifically for your ride. Due to the more complex nature of the electrical layout, this is not the most popular way to go—if you’re looking into this type, be sure to check the specs of your ATV before getting started. While more time-consuming to install, these kits let you craft a perfect setup for your specific needs.

Audio Roof

This type of audio system is meant for those who spend substantial amounts of time in their ATV. Instead of a bar across the handles, this setup is a literal roof for the ATV. It offers protection from sunlight and moisture while also making music loud because of the echo. Most of these have receivers built into the structure and incorporate at least two speakers.

Top Brands


Founded in 1981, this American brand began as a dedicated sound system manufacturer. Focused mainly on audio equipment for vehicles, it remains a popular brand for everything from UTVs to ATVs.


Dedicated to providing high-quality sound equipment, JBL has its roots in the United States. After opening its doors in 1946, it continued to generate top-tier audio equipment for commercial and residential purposes, including portable Bluetooth speakers, smart speakers, headphones, and more.

Wet Stealth Sounds

Mainly focused on outdoor audio equipment, with a particular interest in marine sound systems, Wet Sounds is based out of Texas. Since its founding in 2005, the company has grown into one of the best-reputed sound system brands.

Boss Audio Systems

An American company founded in 1987 in Oxnard, Calif., Boss Audio Systems remains one of the global leaders in sound systems. It generates popular audio equipment for everything from full-range speakers to powersports speakers.

ATV Sound Bars Pricing

  • Under $300: In this price range, you can find a wide range of sound bars, though the designs are relatively basic. Most are of the speaker/receiver type and have the most straightforward features.
  • $300-$500: The vast majority of ATV sound bars fall within this category. You can find models of all types in this range. Usually, the speakers are durable and powerful.
  • $500 and up: The heaviest-duty of all the ATV sound bar categories, most audio roofs are in this price range. They are long-lasting and extremely powerful.

Key Features


When you’re looking into sound bars for your ATV, the first thing to keep an eye out for is whether or not it’s waterproof. Though you might prefer to hit the trails on sunny days, rain comes about unexpectedly. To protect the circuitry, the sound system needs to be thoroughly sealed. There is a big difference between water-resistant and waterproof, so check that it can completely prevent water-related issues.

Type of Amplifier

The next feature to investigate is the amplifier: this is the component that enhances the sound, and, given the loudness with which it must compete, it is crucial. Measured in watts, the higher the wattage, the more powerful the system. You want your speaker to be loud enough to contend with the environment, so check this metric when assessing the merit of your sound system.

Mounting Options

Some ATV sound bars mount on your handlebars, while others go directly on the deck of the ATV. When you’re looking into the mounting structure, check whether the sound bar comes with all the hardware you need. Most systems draw power from the ATV itself, so check that the wiring is compatible with your vehicle. Be sure to familiarize yourself with how to install the system to make sure it will fit with your ride.


Perhaps the most essential feature of any ATV sound bar is its ability to work wirelessly. The Bluetooth system needs to be reliable enough to connect with your mobile device. Though some setups have wired input, it remains important that you can connect wirelessly. Keep in mind that to use Bluetooth, you will need a compatible device within the stereo range.

Other Considerations

  • Size. As with all equipment, ATV speakers come in a wide variety of sizes. You’ll want it to be able to work with your ride, fitting easily onto your existing setup. It is much easier to pick something that fits instead of requiring any modification to the system. Look at the specific measurements to make sure that it is going to work for you.
  • Compatibility. Though most ATV systems have similar parts, such as standard off-road tires and ATV batteries, looking into electrical compatibility is still a worthy endeavor. Check that you will be able to wire it into your system to source power correctly. You want something that won’t drain your battery nor overheat while you’re on the trails.
  • Style. While it might not be your first thought, you’ll want something that looks decent with your ride: ATV style is about finding parts that work with the overall vibe of your vehicle. You want it to be functional, but it also shouldn’t be an eyesore. Check out the color and design, especially since you will be looking at it in your periphery while you drive.
  • Durability. When you choose a piece of audio equipment, you want to find something that will last over the long term. While waterproof abilities are important to its function in intense weather, the stereo still needs to resist dust and debris. Ideally, it will be able to withstand the impact of rocks or twigs that kick up while you’re on the road.
  • Maintenance. Everything under the sun requires some form of upkeep. Consider how demanding your ATV sound bar will be when it comes to caring for it and ensuring the continued function. It will likely need little more than dusting occasionally and for you to look at the wiring, but check the specs on the device to make sure it’s as low-maintenance as possible.

Best ATV Sound Bars Reviews & Recommendations 2021

This sound bar features a 100-watt amplifier, giving you powerful soundscapes while you travel. Running on a four-ohm system, it doesn’t require a lot of energy to operate. Entirely water-resistant by design, this setup is built to work in all types of weather conditions. It is compatible with Bluetooth, reliably connecting to the wireless system on your smartphone. Coming with remote control for added convenience, it is easy to use both when you’re riding and doing repairs in the garage. It mounts to any roll bar between 1 1/2 inches and 2 inches across. Durable, user-friendly, and good at directing the sound towards the driver, this speaker setup is a reliable option overall.

Keep in mind that these speakers have been known to overheat in direct sunlight and are vulnerable to dust. Also, they can be relatively tricky to install.

Take a look at the Pyle Outdoor Bluetooth Speakers for their streamlined design and powerful function. They feature a wide tube that connects the two speakers in a u-shape. The speakers hook up to the back of your handlebars so that each speaker goes on a separate handlebar. At 8 inches, the circular speakers are powerful without being too bulky. The heavy-duty design is built to resist moisture and prevent damage from dust and debris. Connecting to most ATV handlebars, these speakers also incorporate light-up features. Compatible with Bluetooth, you can easily plug these speakers into the 12-volt adapter and control it either using your phone or the included remote. Powerful and durable, these speakers work on just about any ATV.

Although the speakers themselves don’t take up much space, the bar connecting them is large. Be sure that your ATV has enough room to accommodate the speakers.

Check out the BOSS Audio Systems Sound Bar for its sturdy design and high-performance value. Entirely weatherproof, this system features four large speakers and two smaller tweeters. Powered by the 500-watt amplifier, it gives you loud sounds during your ride. Coming with everything you need to install the system, it fits onto any handlebars between 1 3/4 inches and 2 inches. It connects to a 12-volt adapter through a reliable cord that isn’t prone to slipping out of place. Durable by design, this sound bar is meant to last over the long term, regardless of how intense your driving conditions get.

While the sound bar has all the bells and whistles you could want, it does come at a higher price point than some other models. Also, it has a somewhat heavy design, at 11.75 pounds.

Consider the BOSS Audio Systems Weatherproof Speakers for the inventive style and high utility value. The speakers are each over 6 inches across, connected by a sleek yet rugged tube. Plugging into your ATV’s 12-volt adapter, it’s easy to install and control. The device itself is entirely waterproof and doesn’t have many openings to leave it vulnerable to dust or sand. You can connect it via Bluetooth or through the AUX cable directly to your smartphone or MP3 player. Amplifying sound powerfully, the speakers are designed to focus the frequencies towards the driver, resulting in less getting lost due to ambient vibrations.

One thing to keep in mind is that the speakers are somewhat small, which is great if you have a smaller ATV, but be sure they are wide enough to be compatible with your ride both in functionality and appearance.

Lightweight yet heavy-duty, the round, silver sound bars fit onto any handlebars between 7/8 inch and 1 1/4 inches. The mounting brackets enable a custom setup, letting you direct the speakers towards where you need the sound most. With a waterproof design and aluminum body, this setup is resistant to all types of damage, including thermal, impact, and moisture. Working via Bluetooth or AUX jack, this speaker system can connect to a preset playlist or to the radio with equal ease. Relying on battery power, it connects to your vehicle through a 12-volt adapter. With all the power cords you need for setup, this sound system enhances the overall ATV experience.

Even though each handlebar speaker is a sound bar, it comes in two parts (one for each side). Nevertheless, it gives you crisp audio over a long period.

Powered by a 300-watt amplifier, this speaker set enhances the decibel level and the audio quality simultaneously. There are eight speakers in this sound bar, each measuring 3 inches in diameter. Paired with dual tweeters, the sound bar can effectively capture all frequencies from your soundtrack. Heavy-duty by design, it is built to withstand the elements. It weighs 20 pounds, helping it sit stably on the front of your ATV. Powered by the battery in your vehicle, it connects easily so that you can spend more time on the road. Coming with a remote for simplified controls, you can also set it up with Bluetooth on your phone if you prefer to plan your playlist.

Since this is a high-end ATV sound bar, it comes at a proportionally higher price point than other options. However, if you’re looking at something to use over the long term, it is a fantastic choice.


  • Keep an eye out for deals on audio accessories to deck out your ATV sound bar like extra speakers.
  • Be sure to wear safety gear when you’re out on your ATV, including a proper ATV helmet.
  • Check your sound system before you hit the road to make sure it is working correctly.
  • Prepare your soundtrack before taking a ride to make the most out of the Bluetooth feature.
  • When installing the system on your ATV, pay attention to where the speakers are focusing the sound.
  • Look at the connections of the speaker to make sure that the wiring is intact.
  • Ensure that there are no dents or damaged parts on the exterior of your sound bar since it leaves it open to water damage.
  • Wipe down the outside of the sound bar to stop specks of dust from getting near the circuitry.


Q: Can I use any sound bar with any ATV?

So long as your ATV can connect to the sound bar, you can use any type of sound bar equipment.

Q: What is the difference between 3.1 and 5.1 sound bars?

In short, the 5.1 sound bar has more speakers. The 3.1 has speakers at the sides and in the center with a subwoofer outside of the structure. The 5.1 model has two speakers on each side with a central speaker, too. Like the 3.1 model, the subwoofer is on the exterior of the system.

Q: Do I need a subwoofer with a sound bar?

Although you don’t need a subwoofer with your sound bar, it does add a bit of bass power and can send more frequencies than a standard system. The lower frequencies are helpful if you listen to diverse soundtracks.

Q: Are sound bars better than speakers?

A sound bar is more durable and better at being waterproof, though it can be harder to add accessories later on. Speakers are less powerful, but it is easier to add to the system as you move forward.

Final Thoughts

Now that you know the finer points of ATV sound bars, you can enhance your off-road ride. Perhaps you’ll pick the Noam ATV Stereo System Speaker or the affordability of the Pyle Outdoor Bluetooth Speakers.

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