A World Where If You Make a Sound, You Die (2023)


Hi everyone! I am an aspiring "movie recapper".
I personally do all the writing, recording, and editing, but I am new to all 3, so any feedback or tips, especially negative constructive feedback, would be greatly appreciated as I am looking to improve.
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Foreign hi everyone and welcome back a quiet place is a movie about a family trying to survive in a post-apocalyptic World forced to live in silence due to blowing monsters with ultra sensitive hearing spoilers ahead day 89.

The movie opens with the sound of rustling, leaves in an abandoned ghost town as we enter into an empty grocery store.

We see a family tip to a Barefoot through its empty oils.

The Mother Evelyn silently looks through the medicine aisle carefully, picking through a stack of pills before bringing it back to her son Marcus, the older sister Regan looks at them over a counter as the mother signals that he's okay.

She walks over to her younger brother bew, who is drawing a rocket on the ground.

He signals to Regan rocket That's How, we'll get away then climbs the mostly empty shelves and breaches for a space shuttle toy.

The toy falls from the Shelf but Reagan scrambles to catch her before he hits the floor.

Meanwhile, the family's father Lee has scavenged some electronics for a radio which will boost its signal, as well as some cutting players for Regan Evelyn signals to a family that will be dark soon and they prepare to leave when looks of horror crosses their faces.

Fury is holding the electronic space shuttle toy in his hand, which Lee carefully takes from him removing its two batteries.

He signs to his younger son.

It's too loud as the family departs snakes, the toy back to beer who then grabs the batteries on his way out the family, silently walk home on a trail of sand, they've created as they come to a walking bridge.

They suddenly hear the electric sound of the Space Shuttle toy, a horrified lady races back towards his son, but he's too late a creature flashes before them seizing the little boy day.

472 it's been over a year since the day of the accident, Lee is in the basement of The Farmhouse, where he set up an extensive surveillance system of cameras and monitors, as well as his radio and electronics, which he uses in hopes of contacting any other survivors.

There are also scores of various news clippings, which report of an alien invasion Lee attempts and fails again to make contact as he crosses another of his list.

Evelyn mimo is in a Cellar where she prepares for a soon to be born baby.

She sets up an oxygen tank which is connected to an infant breathing mask.

It sits next to a covered soundproof baby group upon Nightfall Lee lights, up a small metal drum as another flame softly glows in the distance, followed by more scattered across the mountains.

Evelyn asks Regan to tell the father that dinner is ready, which she reluctantly does.

After a silent prayer, they quietly enjoy their food on pieces of lettuce.

Afterwards, Reagan and Marcus is playing Monopoly when he accidentally knocks over a lantern which sets the rug on fire.

Lee quickly puts it out, but the family is terrified as they wait for the consequences loud banging is suddenly heard from the roof, and the sound of crunching is heard.

Lee looks out the window and is startled by a raccoon that falls off the roof away from the house.

The raccoon is quickly squashed by the monster.

Lee heads down into the basement to work on a hearing implant to help his daughter here, Evelyn comes down to ensures smile.

They put on a set of earbuds and slowed down to the Neo Young's Harvest Moon life on the farm was hard but stable.

The next day, while leaves paulingdale more sand on their walking path.

Evelyn is in the cellar, checking her blood pressure.

Her due date is just couple of weeks away.

She places her stethoscope on her abdomen, revealing a strong, healthy, heartbeat Regan enters the Farmhouse being careful only to walk on the marked spots on the floor, which saw a creek and looks down into the basement where his father's working.

He tells her that he's taken apart a radio and attempted to fix her implant, but she stops him and says that they never work Lee, although it is heartened places them in her hands, Evelyn is trying to teach math to Marcus when Lee tells her that he wants Marcus to come with him today.

Although Regan wants to go, Lee says that she needs stay safe until her hearing is fixed, she runs into her room and tries on the new hearing implant when they don't work.

She's devastated, Reagan packs, a bag which includes her cutting pliers and a wrapped object from her dresser.

Then sneaks out.

The phone Lee takes his son to a river where he teaches him that making small sounds is okay, as long as louder sounds on your bike.

Next to a waterfall, they can freely speak to each other without fear of being heard.

Marcus tells his dad that Regan blames herself for what happened and thinks that her dad hates her for what happened too.

Lee looks at him and says that it was no one's fault.

Marcus says that if he still loves her, he should tell her.

Sometimes Regan has arrived at a walking bridge where a makeshift Memorial has been constructed for blue.

She unwraps the object from a dresser revealed to be the space shuttle toy then uses the pliers to cut a wire which enables the toy to light up without making any noise back at home.

Evelyn is carrying a laundry bag up from the basement when it gets snagged on the stairs.

She manages to pull a loose, exposing the point of the nail sticking off from the stair on the way back home.

Leah Marcus are startled by an old man.

Coming out the woods.

They noticed the dead body of his wife on the ground, nearby Lee implores, the old man to stay silent, but instead he lets out a primal, scream Lee grabs, Marcus and runs as the man is quickly snatched by a monster back at home, Evelyn's water breaks.

She quickly heads down to the basement and impales her foot on the exposed nail she manages not to scream but drops the picture frame she was holding forcing in the tears.

Evelyn pulls her foot out of the nail and stumbles to a box in the corner of the room.

Red light bulbs are turned on to serve as a warning signal.

She then staggers across the room for a mechanical kitchen timer as a loud growling.

Sound is heard from inside the house.

Lee has returned home and is horrified to see that the Emergency Signal has been switched on as Evelyn hides in the corner of the room.

She hears a terrifying mix of clicking and growling, as the monster makes his way down the room still holding back from her tears.

She bites down on her thumb from the pain the monster opens its slimy ears to search for its prey as the timer sounds.

It immediately leaps towards it giving Evelyn time to run upstairs to her horror.

She sees another monster in her front yard.

Lee tells his son that his mother is in danger and that he needs to go and make a sound louder and that he can do this.

Evelyn goes upstairs into the bathroom and sinks into the tub as blood draws across her Lee grabs.

His shotgun as Marcus uncovers a bundle of fireworks.

Evelyn wince says, as the monster inches closer unable to hold back any longer.

She howls out in pain as the fireworks illuminate the night sky, which reconcees Lee searches, the house and walks into the bathroom where he sees an empty bathtub covered in his wife's blood.

He begins to weep believing Evelyn's dead, but is Overjoyed to discover that she's, safe and hiding in the shower with a newborn baby Lee carries both of them into the soundproof bunker.

They've been preparing and hides the baby inside the crib Marcus mimo is walking back towards the house when he hears an alien.

He makes a run for her into the cornfield running straight into a tractor wheel.

Knocking himself unconscious Reagan has returned home and sees the beam from Marcus's flashlight coming from the cornfield distracted.

She doesn't hear the monster behind her, but just as the monster moves, closer Reagan's implants starts producing a high feedback loop distressing, the monster causing us a runoff, Omar Regan is oblivious to what just happened.

She finds Marcos and they Retreat to the top of a green Silo and wait for their father, Evelyn wakes up to see their plan has worked.

However, they don't have time to celebrate, as Lee goes to look for the kids as he leaves.

We see water leaking into the Cellar on top of the silo Marcus signs.

Don't worry, he'll come for us, but Regan shakes her head replying he'll.

Come for you Marcus goes and gives his sister a hug as Lee sees them on the cameras, Evelyn wakes up to see that the Silla has flooded.

The baby is sleeping in the soundproof crib, but the top is open, and on top of this, one of the monsters have found their way inside the room.

Evelyn carefully Wades across the water picks up her baby and creeps the back of the cellar as the monster continues to look for them.

The two children are arguing whether they should wait for their dad or return home themselves when Marcus falls into the silo as he's slowly drowning in the grain.

The alien in the cellar with Evelyn is drawn by the noise.

The hatch breaks away completely and falls into the silo just missing.

Marcus breathing jumps into the side.

Tyler and successfully saves her brother, Reagan and Marcus both sit safely, Atop The Silo door, but then they hear a crush.

The alien from the flooded Cellar jumps into The Silo.

As the kids cover themselves with the hatch door, they seem doomed until Reagan's implant once again lets out a high frequency Screech, forcing the alien to run Lee reunites with his children, but he hears another alien nearby telling the children to quickly hide in a truck.

He is quickly attacked by the alien which causes Marcus to scream.

Upon hearing this, the alien hits the truck as Reagan's ears began.

Ringing again, however, this tummy malfunctions and the sound suddenly stops the alien immediately jumps onto the truck and starts ripping it open Lee, who is badly injured, makes eye contact with his daughter and sons.

I love you I've, always loved you before letting you out a year.

Lee is taken as the truck rolls back into the house there they reunite with their mother.

However, they hear that alien approaching, so they Retreat back into the house and head down into the basement.

Regan, who was never allowed down here, seized for the first time her father's research and the many hours her father had spent learning about mechanics and anatomy in attempt to repair her implant she's overwhelmed with emotion, just as the lights begin to flick her the monster walks down just the basement and has them cornered Reagan quickly scans around the room.

What is their weakness? Taking out the new hearing aid laid made for her? She switches it on then dials the frequency causing the alien to tremble stumbling onto a nearby microphone re-compresses, her hearing aid against it, causing the monster to violently convulse into a collapses.

The mother and daughter look at each other in disbelief, but only for a moment before it staggers onto his feet.

Evelyn with Lee's shotgun, Blows Its head to Pieces.

It isn't long before they see on the surveillance monitors that the shotgun blast had attracted dozens more the mother and daughter.

Looked each other without words, as Reagan begins.

Turning up the speakers and Evelyn pumping the shotgun with a right groin on her face.


What is the movie where you die if you make noise? ›

A Quiet Place is a 2018 American post-apocalyptic science fiction horror film directed by John Krasinski and written by Scott Beck and Bryan Woods and Krasinski, from a story conceived by Woods and Beck.

What happened in the quiet place? ›

At the end of A Quiet Place, Marcus and Regan are sitting in a truck and when Marcus yells, one of the terrifying creatures hears the noise and is about to kill them. Lee's parental instincts kick in and he makes a noise for the creature will kill him instead, which is exactly what happens.

What is the movie you can't make any noise? ›

A family struggles for survival in a world where most humans have been killed by blind but noise-sensitive creatures. They are forced to communicate in sign language to keep the creatures at...

Is A Quiet Place Part 1 on Netflix? ›

Where Can I Watch A Quiet Place on Netflix? India Netflix is the only Netflix library where you can watch this horror movie on Netflix. And if you are located outside of India, you will have to use a VPN to watch A Quiet Place and a thousand other movies and shows on Netflix.

What is the scariest movie that will make you cry? ›

Best Horror Movies That'll Make You Cry
  • Pet Sematary (1989) Stephen King lived only 20 minutes from the filming locations, so he was on-set for most of the production. ...
  • The Sixth Sense (1999) ...
  • The Others (2001) ...
  • The Mist (2007) ...
  • I Am Legend (2007) ...
  • Let the Right One In (2008) ...
  • Odd Thomas (2014) ...
  • The Final Girls (2015)
Oct 21, 2022

What's the loudest movie in the world? ›

  • Transformers: Dark of the Moon (2011) PG-13 | 154 min | Action, Adventure, Sci-Fi. ...
  • Tenet (2020) ...
  • Saving Private Ryan (1998) ...
  • Interstellar (2014) ...
  • Godzilla (2014) ...
  • Man of Steel (2013) ...
  • Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice (2016) ...
  • Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom (1984)

Why can't they wear socks in A Quiet Place? ›

Why didn't they ever wear socks? For the entirety of the film, Krasinski, Blunt, and their two young children go barefoot so the big-eared but blind monsters outside their home won't hear the family's footsteps. (They even go so far as to build a trail of soft sand wherever they walk.)

What is the hidden meaning behind A Quiet Place? ›

In A Quiet Place, the theme is, “Not talking about a traumatic situation is not the way to forgiveness.” The family's inability to communicate is the problem, and the story is about their journey to solving that ... while also getting away from the space-alien monsters.

What is the horror movie where they can't speak? ›

A Quiet Place (2018)

A Quiet Place is a considered by film critics to be a "back-to-basics horror/thriller" because of its masterful simplicity. This film tells the story of a family who is obligated to live in silence because they are being haunted by a beast with ultra-sensitive hearing.

What horror movie has no voice? ›

Similar to Hush, A Quiet Place is a horror/thriller film that already uses silence throughout the film to build up tension and really keep viewers on the edge of their seats.

What horror movie has no soundtrack? ›

1 The Birds (1963)

His 1963 horror film The Birds was no exception, opting not to include a musical score which was a standard practice for filmmaking at the time. In California, The Birds follows Melanie Daniels as she befriends a man named Mitch Brenner and eventually follows him back to his hometown.

What did Netflix rip off A Quiet Place? ›

Taking all of this into consideration, it's no wonder that people think The Silence is a copy of A Quiet Place. However, the reality is that The Silence came first. The Silence is based on a 2015 novel of the same name, which was released before writing on A Quiet Place actually began.

How scary is A Quiet Place 1? ›

With family being such an important element this movie is by far scarier than your typical horror movie. On top of that, the film has an incredible sense of suspense due to the fact that the movie is silent most all of the time. This movie is fantastic!

Is there any talking in A Quiet Place? ›

The roughly 90 lines of dialogue are too frequent for “A Quiet Place” to be considered a silent film, and the accompanying music is too subtle. But this isn't a traditional horror flick, either.

What is the movie where if you watch a video you die? ›

After watching a cursed videotape, a reporter has only seven days to unravel the sinister mystery of its origin or suffer the consequences: death. Watch all you want. Naomi Watts stars in director Gore Verbinski's hit supernatural horror film, a remake of the 1998 Japanese original.

What is the horror movie sound called? ›

Infrasound, the sound that can't be heard, plays a vital role in setting an ominous tone. Infrasound is a wavelength of sound that is just out of range for human ears to hear, however this does not stop it from causing a reaction in humans.

What movie about air makes you suicidal? ›

Plot. In New York City's Central Park, people begin committing mass suicide. The event is believed to be caused by a bio-terrorist attack using an airborne neurotoxin. The behavior quickly spreads across the Northeastern United States.

What movie was so scary someone died? ›

The Creeping Unknown

This film is so old that the minimum age of the audience certificate that is used today didn't even exist. Unfortunately, a 9-year-old went to a test screening. The boy was so frightened that one of his arteries ruptured and he passed away.

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