$57,900 Mobile Home Lot FOR SALE in Hobe Sound Florida | NO HOA & YOU OWN THE LAND!! (2023)



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Okay, guys, we are in hobie sound florida, which is southeast florida, five minutes away from the atlantic ocean, and I'm looking at a mobile home lot for sale for seven thousand dollars.

The property taxes are about twelve hundred dollars per year.

Here it is to the right it is in need of repair.


This is it right here, and so you see uh.

The mobile home itself is probably 20.

30 years old, it's decayed uh a little bit boarded up.

So it's pretty much a complete teardown um and the major question I have about this unit is: is there an hoa fee for the community uh there? It's not listed in the real estate listing online and it just came on the market, and I don't really have anyone to ask there's a little carport here with a ramp.

That looks like it's decayed, so the lot itself, I guess, would be the value and the utilities, the water, the electric you'd, have to verify in the sewer.

Uh take a look.

The community and the location is nice, but it's a mobile home community.

So it's not.

You know high end, but it's not uh.

It doesn't feel dangerous or anything like that.

So, let's just take a look around this community, a mobile home community in southeast florida, hobie sound.

You see, people got their boats in front of their units, but I see uh cheap lots for sale uh in this area.

There's got to be an hoa fee because they all look kind of like uh lumped in this community and I see trump flags.

I see confederate flags.

It's got like that: mobile home, vibe culture um.

You know, I'm sure, there's good people, I'm sure there's diversity, but that's the vibe.

You know uh beautiful sunny day southeast florida, 80 degrees, fahrenheit you're, just about 10 minutes on north of jupiter florida, which is a very high end area.

Uh you're, just um south of stuart and jensen beach, florida, so you're, located relatively in a nice area and the streets do feel safe, uh, don't feel threatened.


This is not a high crime area.

You are right by route one, so you have access to supermarket shopping, um and pretty much anything you would need with regards to amenities.

Feels like a um a safe place for family, they see to the left, there's a family walking with a stroller, so I don't feel like total, like a low end, hey don community or anything like that.

I feel like this is a overall safe community.

I mean I point out the trump flag and one confederate flag I saw, but that doesn't you know mean the whole community is bad or you know it's just a certain mindset when you get into the southern mindset but see here, here's an rv, a class c to the right.

So I guess you can park your rv or your boat in this community, but the key thing is: what is the hoa fee? I should ask those people walking overall, I know we're in the sun right now, we'll turn away from it in a minute.

You know like see to the left.

I don't know if you can see that someone's working on their car, the homes and the lots are relatively close together, uh, but overall, most of them seem to be either new newer and with a with a few spread it out.

That seem to be very old and needed repair such as the lot that we're looking on we're going to go back to that lot.

Again, it's listed for 57 000, so we know the house price for the lot is cheap.

We have to find out a couple things: do you own the land underneath the lot, because sometimes these mobile home communities, you don't own the land? What you do is you just buy that mobile home and there's a lot lease and that's not attractive.

I think that's a huge negative.

I would never buy a lot lease mobile home plot because, basically, all you're doing is buying the right to uh, be in that one spot and you're still paying rent and you're.

You really don't have too much uh appreciating value because the value is in the land.

The value is not in the mobile home.

Mobile homes are depreciating assets.

Uh mobile homes are like rvs that don't have wheels.

Some of them have wheels, but they have skirts underneath but again a rv, a mobile home.

They go down in value, not up.

Here's one that uh looks like it was newer, but it went uh under pending, so it's under contract.

So the question remains: do you own the land and what's the hoa fee when you're looking for mobile homes, you want to know if you own the land and you want to know the hoa fee, because the mobile home is not an asset, it's just an rv.

That's stationary! Pretty much beautiful landscaping.

I mean these neighbors here they take pride in in their community.

Overall, the community feels safe and nice.

So I would say, there's a lot to be offered yeah.

I was just letting that guy out, I was just trying to take a look to see.

If there was someone I can ask of someone outside their house, but that these these are pretty on top of each other.

I don't like that.

You know, like you know it's.

Okay initially, but after you live here for a couple months or years, you know you get one bad neighbor man, it's like every time you go outside you're trying to dodge them.

I mean this.

Is your neighbor there with the boat? Their house looks nice, but you are right on top of them man, you come outside your house and the people to your right.

You see they got that screened in porch yeah I mean you, don't have a lot of privacy outside to the back there.

I don't know if you can see, because I know you get like a sun glare here to the back.

You have a nice landscape and some palm trees and some privacy so yeah would I buy this for 57 000.

No, even if I owned the land, I wouldn't buy it, even though if you did own the land that would be cheap and and it would make sense to buy it, but I have a high feeling in my uh spirit, that you do not own this land, because the land itself uh, would probably even be worth more than 57 000.

I mean I could be wrong.

Let me ask this guy.

Excuse me, sir: do you own the land when you buy here? Yes, oh you do own the land, there's no hoa, not in ridgeview and the next one over there's like 500 a month or something.

Okay, so I was just looking at this one's for sale so that pretty much I mean needs to be demolished, but once you clean it up, you just pay property taxes.

I'm sorry, martin county strange! You can do anything you want, they can tear it down, put a new one in add on to it, but it's known for mobile homes, not rvs, correct okay, so you just got to put a mobile home and and pay property taxes, so property taxes are uh deemed by how do they do it now? I know what size their property.

Well, I think the dwelling also has something to do with a property.

This size here is about 1200 a month.

Okay, I mean a year a year that makes sense.

How long have you been here? If you don't mind me asking I live on the other side.

Okay, what do you think about the community? What's your opinion? Yeah yeah, you know it is what it is: yeah yeah yeah, but it's pretty much uh retirement, young families, sorry about that shark, the no no age restriction either right! Okay, all right! Thank you very much for that anything.

You want.

That's amazing that you own the land, okay, yeah! Thank you very much yeah.

Thank you down to the next uh the next park.


What's the name of this community? Is it a name? It's ridgeview, ridgeview, okay, ridgeway, okay, yeah ridgeway! Thank you, sir.

So see.

That's why I pays to talk to people, so I I don't know if you guys heard that conversation, but I was having a conversation when it looks like a handyman who's working on a mobile home, you own the land so guys I may not even publish this video.

I would think about buying that now the thing is you own the land, but you got to put a mobile home there and that mobile home looks like it's unrepairable, so mobile home is like another 50 grand or so at least uh, especially- and you got to consider like you know, maybe you need some work on the pipes or something underneath there.

Let's just say you put, you know you bought it for 50 and you put another 50 000, it's a hundred thousand and it's again it's not an appreciating asset, but if you own the land that appreciates over time and the only negative is like he even said- I don't know if you heard him, he goes look, it's a nice community.

There's no hoa fee.

That's that's a huge plus! The negative.

Is it's a mobile home park very close to people.

I got to think about this.

Let me know in the comments guys fair comments for 50 000 in southeast florida, with no hoa property taxes 1200 a month you got to put a mobile home.

You can't put an rv there, just an rv but see like this guy has an rv, but he has the mobile home.

You can put you got to put the mobile home and then you can put the rv in front of it and this other guy across the street too.

They both got rv say I'm thinking about this.

I mean it's got a little bit of a mobile home quirky feel, but it doesn't have like trailer trash feel you know again, you got a couple, you know one-offs, maybe, but it feels like.

Overall, it's got something to offer.

I don't know I'm like I'm excited now, I'm thinking about it, but I also, I also can visualize myself after four or five years feeling, like I'm suffocated by my neighbor.

So close, you know, but the landscaping in the air is all, and the other thing got to ask I'm in dry season right now, in february and february, I'm sorry february in florida, so in the summertime in florida during wet season, this area may flood and that's one thing because hobie sound does have flood zones.

I'd have to look into that because florida's two different worlds during wet season and dry season- and you know that's something I have to consider- but either way leave your comments below another video showing you that if you look and if you stay patient uh, you can find property below your means.

A hundred you know buy that for 50 again, even if you put 50 in it that most people that are in a position to buy anything, a hundred thousand dollars is, is uh well below average.

But you know again, it's a depreciating asset other than the land.

The land appreciates, though no hoa.

It's an interesting thing, guys leave a comment below uh click.

The blue join button.

If these videos help you and you want to support the channel, I appreciate that and uh.

Thank you to all my members check out my playlist also a bunch of thousands of free videos about stuff like this, and I appreciate everyone watching I'll see you in the next video peace.


Is it safe to own a mobile home in Florida? ›

Modular and manufactured homes are safe.

Thanks to stringent building codes, safety inspections standards, and Florida's comprehensive installation requirements, a Florida factory-built home may be the safest home you can buy.

Do you pay property taxes on mobile homes in Florida? ›

A mobile home will be: • Assessed and taxed as real property; • Subject to an annual license tax; or • Assessed and taxed as tangible personal property. The owner of a mobile home who permanently affixes his or her mobile home to land he or she owns must buy a RP (real property) decal. This is a one-time purchase.

What is a disadvantage of owning a mobile home? ›

Availability and cost of suitable land. Extra costs imposed by manufactured home community. Fewer choices and higher costs of financing.

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